Fabrication Final – Social Tree: Like Timer

My social tree project is now fully functional: the wood sculpture with the solenoid was sanded and the interface with the Facebook API worked. If the Social Tree Facebook page doesn’t get a new like after some pre-determined time, a signal is sent and the flower attachment drops.

But I wanted a way to show the user how long until the drop, as well as giving some feedback from receiving new “likes”. So the “Like Timer” was developed.

The timer consists of a servo motor housed inside a wooden container. A dial shows how close to the “drop” the Social Tree sculpture is. For finished I applied soft fabric, using glue.

The Social Tree Sculpture fully functional. The rough shape was sanded and a wooden base (with professional looking rubber feet) was added. Also, A flower with wire was attached to the solenoid detachable metal shaft.

Small servo that came with my arduino kit. It’s shape and size will dictate the scrap I’m using as housing.Graved some junk from the junk shelf, but decided with keeping with the low key wooden theme.Found a perfect sized piece of wood.Carved the piece of wood using the drill press. Had to move slowly, otherwise the drill would jump, even using clamps.Found this metal fastener that fitted perfectly the wooden clock and the servo motor. Drilled very small wholes to guide the screws. They had to be thing to fit, and not to chip the wood. 

The “Like Timer” is ready!

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