Social tree – enclosure

The goal for this assignment was to build an enclosure. I decided to make an enclosure out of one of my still rough pieces from my later “5 of something” assignment.

This particular enclosure would become a prototype for my IC and PComp “grand” final project: The Social Tree.

Inside this enclosure I will house a micro 5v solenoid and it’s cables. Only then I would sand the rough piece into its final sculpture/tree/“crooked finger” shape.

As recommended, I wanted to it possible to open and close the final piece, using tiny shafts of wood or maybe a hinge, but – as it is described beloow – some problems prevented me to do it.


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  1. Ben Light says:

    Nice work. But I am concerned that the electronics are encased in the sculpture. What happens when something breaks or fails? Since you are iterating on this particular idea, I would consider your next sculpture to be open and close -able. It will aid in modifying and repairability.

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