Reading and Writing Electronics Text: Assignment 02

Assignment 02 – my first Electronic Poem


For this assignment, I had to create my own electronic poem using some of the classical examples given. I decide to use “Toroko Gorge” by Nick Monfort, because of the way it generated a scenario where the reader could roam through.

My poem “Sole to Heart” was then generated using only words found on the website – including the title. I was curious about what kind of environment the bombardment of marketing call-to-actions would create. Maybe in the future, this same code could generate virtual reality environmental poems. Will we live in virtual corporate worlds? Are we already there? What’s the landscape that marketing call-to-action “salesspeak” that’s being generated in our collective minds?

Original Taroko Gorge poem generated

Original by Nick MontfortELMCIP entry here.

Brow paces the stones.
Shapes relax.
The crags hum.
Layers pace the shape.

stamp sinuous —

Shapes frame the flows.
Monkeys pace the ripplings.

stamp clear encompassing dim —

The crags range the coves.
Rocks dwell.
Layers trail the cove.

stamp cool sinuous clear —

Height exercises the flows.
Stones command the rocks.

track rough encompassing —

Mists range the stones.
The crag trails the stones.

track sinuous cool objective —

Layer sweeps the ripplings.
Stones dream.
The crag frames the rocks.

shade driven arched —

Forests sweep the stone.
Height commands the cove.

track straight —

Heights command the stones.
Shapes relax.
Ripplings dream.
Brows pace the ripplings.

track clear —

Stone commands the basin.
Coves hold.
Layers command the rocks.

translate dim —

Shape ranges the flow.
Heights sweep the rock.

direct cool sinuous —

My Taroko Gorge poem: Sole and Heart

Airs pace the pavement.
Layers linger.
Payments dream.
Blooms frame the streets.

get warm objective —

Layer exercises the streets.
App trails the boings.

shop cool —

Careerss sweep the discounts.
Floralss rest.
Blooms pace the payment.

stamp literally perfectly max —

Layer exercises the pavement.
App roams the discount.

stamp max —

Careers roams the boing.
Gravitys rest.
Apps range the supplys.

shine perfectly clear —

Investorss trail the supplys.
Gravitys linger.
Investorss dream.
Layers roam the heart.

meet literally objective —

Airs pace the pavement.
Pavements linger.
App paces the supply.

get max —

Apps frame the pavements.
Airs hum.
Soles hum.
App downloads the pavement.

stamp fresh —

Bloom paces the heart.
Pavements linger.
Airs dwell.
Blooms trail the soles.

get florals traditional objective —

Floralss range the streets.
Blooms linger.
Floralss range the sole.

get warm cool perfectly —

My original word repository based on Tarko Gorge

above = [‘air’, ‘app’, ‘bloom’, ‘layer’, ‘investors’, ‘careers’, ‘florals’, ‘gravity’]
below = [‘pavement’, ‘streets’, ‘boing’, ‘supply’, ‘payment’, ‘discount’, ‘sole’, ‘heart’]
transitive = [‘download’, ‘pace’, ‘roam’, ‘trail’, ‘frame’, ‘sweep’, ‘exercise’, ‘range’]
imperative = [‘meet’, ‘shop’, ‘back’, ‘stamp’, ‘shine’, ‘represent’, ‘run’, ‘get’]
intransitive = [‘linger’, ‘dwell’, ‘rest’, ‘relax’, ‘Reserved’, ‘dream’, ‘hum’]
texture = [‘sustainable’, ‘florals’]
adjectives = [‘max’, ‘perfectly’, ‘fresh’, ‘objective’, ‘traditional’, ‘cool’, ‘clear’, ‘warm’, ‘literally’]

 Screenshot of the original Nike webpage

Syllabus and first week assignment:



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