Intro to Fabrication – “5 of something”

The assignment asked for creating five copies of an object. If seems like the goal was to prove that making copies is hard, if so, lesson learned!

I decided to further develop the “Make a flashlight” assignment, but instead of carving in balsa foam, I’d make it in wood. Five of them.

In order to streamline the production I gave even more attention on the drafting of the blueprints. These would end up being used throughout the fabrication, even if the final result wasn’t exactly what I’ve drawn.

For material I used some soft balsa wood block.

Blueprints and guides were drawn on the block, with attention on finding the most efficient cuts, so that the same movement could shape more than one piece.

One block can hold 4 pieces. For the 5th, I bought a smaller piece of wood.

The plan was to make them all at the same time, using one cut piece as a guide for the others.

Used a table saw for the first rough shapes. Before cutting, I tested the thickness of the saw on some scrap wood.

It was roughly 5 milimeters, good about for quickly shaping the block.

But the block was too thick and I couldn’t cut through all of it, so I finished on the bend saw.

I ended with 3 of “somethings” and two unfinished blocks. The idea is to wire the unfinished blocks for the current Physical Computing project.


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  1. Ben Light says:

    Nice work. These pieces were almost individual sculptures. I wonder if you could have made the process a little more efficient for yourself.

    Instead of carving out of blocks, you could have started with a longer strip of wood and cut the profile of the piece in the strip, then chopped slices of your shape. You would still have to do some individual sanding, but the rough cutting would have been a little quicker. Let me know if this makes sense.

    Glad you stuck with your form from last week.

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