EICA – Intelligent Game

This project is part of my current master’s Thesis in Arts and Neuroscience. I developed a Virtual Reality Experience in Unity to provide the Neurosciences lab to create specific subtle experiences in order to better understand how emotions work and how machines can capture them. Together with my teacher José Otávio, the project is going through extensive user testing, where volunteers go through this unsettling experience while wearing Empatica G4 Electrodermal sensors that transmit their neurological and biological data to an Ipad.

Eica was born from the researches of professor Carla Verônica from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. It’s philosophy consists on providing children with a learning environment using games that have no apparent rules, but are actually capturing and adapting to every decision of the user, while generating extensive data on his pedagogical development.

In EICA the player controls a cavemen, discovering the world, combining “random” objects and crafting new tools, until his rise to civilization.

I was hired as a consultor to transform the collective work of several members of the project into a working game. After closely studying its pedagogical background, constant sketching, interviews and ideations, I delivered the first Game Design Document.  I was also hired as the lead art director and to create most visual and gameplay assets. The game became the foundation of professor Carla’s PHD and is being further developed to be used on public schools throughout Brazil.

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