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I've alway believed that an open heart - and a enquiring mind - are the keys to creativity. I'm thankful for the experiences and amazing people that inspired me in the past and drive me to the future.
December 1, 2016

ITP Summer Camp 2016 Notebook

December 1, 2016

Construction Safety Awareness and Training

December 1, 2016

Art, Illustration, Comissions and Personal Work

December 1, 2016

EICA – Intelligent Game

Eica was born from the researches of professor Carla Verônica from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. It’s philosophy consists on providing children with a learning environment using games that have no apparent rules, but are actually capturing and adapting to every decision of the user, while generating extensive data on his pedagogical development. In EICA the player controls a cavemen, discovering the world, combining “random” objects and crafting new tools, until his rise to civilization. I was hired as a consultor to transform the collective work of several members of the project into a working game. After closely studying its pedagogical background, constant sketching, interviews and ideations, I delivered the first Game Design Document.  I was also hired […]
December 1, 2016

Neuro Experience VR – Master Thesis

December 1, 2016

Nobu – Conductive Knobs for Touch Devices

  • 2016Favela Games

  • 2015UFRJ - Master's Arts and Neuroscience

    Entered the Arts and Neurosciences program at the Science History department of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • 2013SENAC Design School

    Two year Graphic Design Program
  • 2012Instructional Designer

    Ideate, create and manage new educational solutions for construction workers safety and community well-being.


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  • EICA - Intelligent Games