Introduction to Physical Computing
ITP Fall 2017 – Danny Rozen

November 30, 2017

Social tree – enclosure

The goal for this assignment was to build an enclosure. I decided to make an enclosure out of one of my still rough pieces from my later “5 of something” assignment. This particular enclosure would become a prototype for my IC and PComp “grand” final project: The Social Tree. Inside this enclosure I will house a micro 5v solenoid and it’s cables. Only then I would sand the rough piece into its final sculpture/tree/“crooked finger” shape. As recommended, I wanted to it possible to open and close the final piece, using tiny shafts of wood or maybe a hinge, but – as it is described beloow – some problems prevented me to do it.  
November 29, 2017

Social Tree

Basic Concept Creating a Tree that, instead of water and minerals, thrive on “likes” from it’s very own facebook page. The Social Tree is a physical sculpture made of wood and electronics with a leaf attached to one of its branches. It that will have it’s own Facebook Page where it will post pre written messages asking for more attention (likes) from other users. If no likes are given, the sculpture will release is “leaf” and will post how sad it is. Fabrication of the Foam and Wood prototypes HERE. (Update Dec 14, 2017 – LikeTimer Clock added to the project HERE) ICM – PCOM – Fabrication This project started as a Physical Computing experiment on creating physical consequences from […]
November 1, 2017

PCOMP – Tree Project (part 01)

October 18, 2017

PComp – Serial Control

After some trial and error and dealing with the finicky P5 web editor, I’ve managed to replicate the serial control video Tutorial from Tom Igoe (here). (link to my file….which looks exactly like the tutorial’s, but I wrote it by hand so here it goes) In order to make it to work I had to copy and paste the same code a couple of times, because, even a simple error could make the editor freeze. Opening the saved file wouldn’t work. Also, I had to be careful to name my Port properly (COM3 in my case). Now I just have to find something interesting to do with it. The sky (and my skills) are the limit!