December 14, 2017

Fabrication – Two Materials – Designer Bag

For this assignment I had to use two different materials – plywood and  acrylic excluded – using fasteners. Since first class I wanted to combine metal with wood. I believe these very basic materials can bring sophistication to any project: what If I stretched this relationship to its bare minimum? Designer bags, as wonderfully crafted that they are, still have most of its value related to its branding. I bought several different fasteners, ropes and chains – but chains prevailed.  
December 14, 2017

Fabrication Final – Social Tree: Like Timer

My social tree project is now fully functional: the wood sculpture with the solenoid was sanded and the interface with the Facebook API worked. If the Social Tree Facebook page doesn’t get a new like after some pre-determined time, a signal is sent and the flower attachment drops. But I wanted a way to show the user how long until the drop, as well as giving some feedback from receiving new “likes”. So the “Like Timer” was developed. The timer consists of a servo motor housed inside a wooden container. A dial shows how close to the “drop” the Social Tree sculpture is. For finished I applied soft fabric, using glue. The Social Tree Sculpture fully functional. The rough shape […]
November 30, 2017

Social tree – enclosure

The goal for this assignment was to build an enclosure. I decided to make an enclosure out of one of my still rough pieces from my later “5 of something” assignment. This particular enclosure would become a prototype for my IC and PComp “grand” final project: The Social Tree. Inside this enclosure I will house a micro 5v solenoid and it’s cables. Only then I would sand the rough piece into its final sculpture/tree/“crooked finger” shape. As recommended, I wanted to it possible to open and close the final piece, using tiny shafts of wood or maybe a hinge, but – as it is described beloow – some problems prevented me to do it.  
November 29, 2017

Social Tree

Basic Concept Creating a Tree that, instead of water and minerals, thrive on “likes” from it’s very own facebook page. The Social Tree is a physical sculpture made of wood and electronics with a leaf attached to one of its branches. It that will have it’s own Facebook Page where it will post pre written messages asking for more attention (likes) from other users. If no likes are given, the sculpture will release is “leaf” and will post how sad it is. Fabrication of the Foam and Wood prototypes HERE. ICM – PCOM – Fabrication This project started as a Physical Computing experiment on creating physical consequences from our social media actions. During Fabrication classes I developed several prototypes on […]
November 16, 2017

Fabrication – Laser Cutting Acrylic Stand

Goal of this assignment was to laser cut…something. Keeping with my ongoing theme of strange wooden sculptures, I decided to laser cut some fancy stand for them, so that they can float above the rest on bended acrylic.      
November 11, 2017

ICM – Final Project – Auto Video News Generator

Basic Outline presented in class Nov 8: System that reads data on a news article library, and generates a video version of it. The tone can be practical – using actual images and words in the article -, or more experimental – mixing and matching unrelated images while giving a new meaning on the original news.   The idea is to use an algorithm capable of reading a written news story and create a video version of it like the one bellow References NYTIMES Json library –    
November 9, 2017

Intro to Fabrication – “5 of something”

The assignment asked for creating five copies of an object. If seems like the goal was to prove that making copies is hard, if so, lesson learned! I decided to further develop the “Make a flashlight” assignment, but instead of carving in balsa foam, I’d make it in wood. Five of them. In order to streamline the production I gave even more attention on the drafting of the blueprints. These would end up being used throughout the fabrication, even if the final result wasn’t exactly what I’ve drawn. For material I used some soft balsa wood block. Blueprints and guides were drawn on the block, with attention on finding the most efficient cuts, so that the same movement could shape […]
December 1, 2016

ITP Summer Camp 2016 Notebook

December 1, 2016

Nobu – Conductive Knobs for Touch Devices

June 9, 2016

ITP Summer Camp 2016 – “The Summer of VR”

ITP Sunday June 5th 2016 Disclaimer: These notes have no chronological order whatsoever! Too much going on already!  Just returned from todays VR centered session. Many time I’ve read about stories of people who saw themselves in one point in history where something incredible was happening, something new, something that would change, not only their lives, but maybe that of humanity. Maybe that sounds hyperbolic, maybe that will not even become reality, but that is how I feel about Virtual Reality and being at ITP right now. Returning from today session on VR, while riding the metro back to Williamsburg, I felt tears in my eyes (yeah… I know). Not only for being witness of some amazing new technologies – […]
June 7, 2016

ITP Summer Camp 2016 – Day 2

Excerpt 2 of my ITP Camp diary. Hard to keep up on all that is going on! ITP Day 2 – Thursday June 2nd 2016 Today I had my first real day at ITP and I’m feeling too tired to write about it. But better something then nothing at all: The day…today The plan was to be at ITP at 14h for the shop safety session, but I’ve got stuck at Strands bookshop  – miles and miles of books – and I couldn’t leave. It was “terrible” 😉 Arrived at ITP at 17. Had the Safety session led by counselor Thea. The session is mandatory and spread throughout  the entire course, so that everybody can have a go at it. The […]