February 23, 2018

Reading and Writing Electronics Text: Assignment 03

Assignment 03 – “Happy Disaster” Introductions For this assignment I decided to mix two poems from the Brazilian concretist poet Ferreira Gullar. I chose his works because of it’s descriptive and originally deconstructed structure. Also, I’ve been always curious how his poems are surrounded by “objects”: his words are “stand alone” object waiting to be categorized, making them an interesting choice for playing with them in Python. The theme of “happiness” and “disaster” also resonates with my “brazilian soul” and my current longing for the particular kind of “strangeness” of my native land. Even calling Brazil a “native land” seems very strange; a result of distance, I suppose; of “saudade”: the portuguese word for missing something so much it becomes […]
February 23, 2018

Future Scenarios – Research Theme

News today: What are the main news outlets and does traditional media still matters in this age of  social media? (post not finished)
February 9, 2018

Reading and Writing Electronics Text: Assignment 02

Assignment 02 – my first Electronic Poem Introductions For this assignment, I had to create my own electronic poem using some of the classical examples given. I decide to use “Toroko Gorge” by Nick Monfort, because of the way it generated a scenario where the reader could roam through. My poem “Sole to Heart” was then generated using only words found on the NIKE.com website – including the title. I was curious about what kind of environment the bombardment of marketing call-to-actions would create. Maybe in the future, this same code could generate virtual reality environmental poems. Will we live in virtual corporate worlds? Are we already there? What’s the landscape that marketing call-to-action “salesspeak” that’s being generated in our […]
January 31, 2018

Reading and Writing Electronics Text: Assignment 01

Assignment 01 – Transcription LINK TO TRANSCRIPTION FILE HERE The goal for this first assignment of the Reading and Writing Electronic Text, was to transcribe something, anything that wasn’t already available as electronic text. I have chosen to transcribe the following youtube video from a lecture I gave in 2014, together with Franey Nogueira, about this (not so) new thing called Virtual Reality about the Video The lecture took place at the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro, where every week experts in different fields would talk about the latest and most pressing issues. That year, the Oculus Rift headset was just released for developers and researcher, and I took it to myself to spread the word […]
January 26, 2018

DWD Servers – First Week

Syllabus and first week assignment: https://itp.nyu.edu/~sve204/dwd_spring2018/node_vps_basics.html My GIT page: https://github.com/Brasukart/DWD2018
December 14, 2017

Fabrication – Two Materials – Designer Bag

For this assignment I had to use two different materials – plywood and  acrylic excluded – using fasteners. Since first class I wanted to combine metal with wood. I believe these very basic materials can bring sophistication to any project: what If I stretched this relationship to its bare minimum? Designer bags, as wonderfully crafted that they are, still have most of its value related to its branding. I bought several different fasteners, ropes and chains – but chains prevailed.  
December 14, 2017

Fabrication Final – Social Tree: Like Timer

My social tree project is now fully functional: the wood sculpture with the solenoid was sanded and the interface with the Facebook API worked. If the Social Tree Facebook page doesn’t get a new like after some pre-determined time, a signal is sent and the flower attachment drops. But I wanted a way to show the user how long until the drop, as well as giving some feedback from receiving new “likes”. So the “Like Timer” was developed. The timer consists of a servo motor housed inside a wooden container. A dial shows how close to the “drop” the Social Tree sculpture is. For finished I applied soft fabric, using glue. The Social Tree Sculpture fully functional. The rough shape […]
March 26, 2014

Tradução da carta do criador do Oculus sobre a sua aquisição pelo Facebook

Mal tive tempo de criar meu site sobre Oculus Rift que no mesmo dia o mundo da realidade virtual é catapultado para o centro das atenções. A aquisição da Oculus pelo Facebook por 2BILHÕES de dólares muda completamente o cenário…só não se sabe ainda para onde. Segue abaixo minha tradução da carta do Palmer Luckey e da equipe da Oculus sobre o assunto:   “Nós fundamos a Oculus com a visão de oferecer para o mundo uma realidade virtual que seja incrível, acessível e onipresente. Nós trilhamos um longo caminho nesses últimos 18 meses: dos protótipos de espuma construídos em garagens, para uma comunidade incrível de desenvolvedores talentosos e ativos e mais de 75,000 kits para desenvolvedores oferecidos. Neste processo […]
March 26, 2014

Apresentação Oculus RIFT UFRJ – Primeira Parte

Ontem tive a oportunidade de apresentar o Oculus Rift na UFRJ para alunos do laboratório de Games Inteligentes do colégio Pedro II. Esta é a primeira parte onde me empolgo demais falando sobre a não tão breve história da realidade virtual e me sinto velho por ser um dos únicos que conhece DOOM
March 26, 2014

Brasil VR está no AR!

Olá mundo! Sou Gabriel Brasil, designer, ilustrador, jornalista e entusiasta da Realidade Virtual. Esta página será meu ponto de encontro para compartilhar experiências com o Oculus Rift. 2014 é “o ano zero da Realidade Virtual” e espero estar na primeira fila para participar deste admirável mundo novo.